Wes Moss: Think you know your tax rate? Think again

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Certified financial planner Wes Moss provides personal finance advice and accessible investment strategies. His guest post appears here weekly. Wes Moss hosts ‘Money Matters’ Sunday mornings on AM750 and 95.5FM News/Talk WSB. Do you know how much you really pay in taxes? I’m talking about all your taxes: income, capital gains, property and sales taxes. Most people I ask tell me they pay about 30 percent. That may sound high, but it turns out to be right. And part of it has to do with living in Georgia. When I gauge a client’s approximate overall effective tax rate, I often go to moneychimp.com . Check it out. You may be surprised to see how low your “effective” federal tax rate is. But it’s probably not your actual tax rate. Most tax calculators don’t show all the areas that take a hefty chunk out of your paycheck. FICA and state income taxes are two of the big eaters at the paycheck buffet. Here’s what I mean: Let’s say the Joneses earn $110,000 a year. Although their overall ?


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