Beware of flood cars when buying a used auto

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Since we’re talking cars today (see Clark Howard’s post about sweet deals on new cars )… here’s a hot topic for those of you in the market for a used car. Several news outlets and consumers publications have been reporting on the flood cars flooding the market after superstorm Sandy. A recent New York Times story detailed the auctioning of flooded cars for prices like $2,600, $5,300, $3,000. While all of them have titles that brand them flood cars, not all would be dismantled for parts or melted down for materials. Some, unfortunately, would end up being resold to unsuspecting buyers out-of-state. Yikes! Who wants to get stuck with a flood car? While the damage may not be immediately apparent, these cars are obviously not safe. Corrosion, erratic electrical systems, mold and more can all become issues for cars that have been subjected to flood damage, according to a recent Consumer Reports story . Here are just a few of the tips the consumer publication gives to help used car ?


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