Wes Moss: Little known laws of money (part 1)

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Certified financial planner Wes Moss provides personal finance advice and accessible investment strategies. His guest post appears here weekly. Wes Moss hosts ‘Money Matters’ Sunday mornings on AM750 and 95.5FM News/Talk WSB. The economy is like the weather: Everybody talks about it, but nobody can change it. Or can we? This thing we call the economy is actually an accumulation of trillions of marketplace decisions and interactions. Each of us has a minuscule impact on the economy via our personal decisions about investing, spending and how we choose to live and work. Those individual actions help shape trends that in turn steer the economy. Here are some interesting facts about trends and activity in the US economy today: Household formation : Historically, one percent of Americans start a new household every year (out of a total 110 million people) which is equivalent to a little over 1 million new households per year. Since the financial crisis began, that figure has fallen ?


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