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Charming Charlie : The popular accessories boutique has the latest trends in jewelry, handbags, apparel and gifts. Spend $50 and get $15 off your next $50 purchase, spend $75 and get $25 off your next $75 purchase, and spend $100 and receive $40 off your next $100 purchase. This offer expires Dec. 24. Great American Days : Give a unique gift this year with an “experience gift” such as hot air ballooning, skydiving or a spa day. Spend $150 and get a free makeover and photo shoot worth $85 (delivered as an e-certificate). Visit the website and use code JessicaShops at checkout. Walmart : Walmart always has some of the best tech deals exclusively online and many include free shipping. For example, find an iPod touch bundle starting at $189 (the bonus is the accessory kit), a 32-inch Sceptre HDTV for $179.98 (save $70) and a “Dark Knight” limited-edition gift set on Blu-ray for $52.99 (save $25). Discounts are updated daily, so make sure to check back for the latest deals. ?


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#family movie -THE LAMP- one family's loss shows them how to turn to Faith instead of magic #kidmin

If you could have anything, what would YOU ask for? Can finding an old oil lamp, complete with a genie, REALLY make your life better? The characters in the movie “The Lamp” learn that there’s a lot more to life than what you THINK you need!
Here’s what one viewer had to say about this movie- “The Lamp is an inspiring story about the power of the human spirit to create from within. Trost Moving Pictures does an amazing job of winding the story line through each character. An excellent and inspiring message for viewers of any age. Great message!!! Enjoy!!!”Lynne J Baecker
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