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You guys had some really great tips for saving time and money during the holidays. While we all KNOW making a list is the right thing to do, you guys really follow through with spreadsheets and stuff! Love that! Here are some of your tips that I plan to steal this year: This amazing tip from @Tammy promises to keep even the busiest family organized: “We keep a calander on our refridgerator from Thanksgiving through Christmas and the New Year with time slots posting all activities/parties, etc. these postings are copied via email/text to every family members phone or computer for easy access and reminders along with notice of what they are to bring ( for dinners, gifts, etc.)We check it daily for any new or additional postings works great and keeps everyone where they are supposed to be without double booking.” I also LOVE this tip from @MsBulldawg – I just wonder if I can get my friends on board??: ” from years past when my boys were children, 3 of my neighborhood ?


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#family movie -THE LAMP- one family's loss shows them how to turn to Faith instead of magic #kidmin

If you could have anything, what would YOU ask for? Can finding an old oil lamp, complete with a genie, REALLY make your life better? The characters in the movie “The Lamp” learn that there’s a lot more to life than what you THINK you need!
Here’s what one viewer had to say about this movie- “The Lamp is an inspiring story about the power of the human spirit to create from within. Trost Moving Pictures does an amazing job of winding the story line through each character. An excellent and inspiring message for viewers of any age. Great message!!! Enjoy!!!”Lynne J Baecker
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