Financial expert debunks myths on how to win Powerball

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Bargain Hunting is all about efficiently spending the money you have in order to purchase the things you need (or want!). But with Powerball at more than $500 million , everyone — even savvy shoppers — seems to have lottery ticket mania. Spending a few bucks for a chance to win big is not big deal, but before you drop a mint trying to maximize your 1 in 175,223,510 chance of winning, consider that some of the information out there on how to improve your odds is a load of hooey! Stacy Johnson, founder of takes issue with media outlets from Fox News to the Today Show that have featured Richard Lustig, a guy who claims he has the tricks to help you improve your odds. Johnson interviewed Lustig months ago and feels that anyone practicing real journalism would poke holes in Lustig’s theories. So Johnson adds a little common sense to all the hype with his ways to not win the Powerball lottery : Lustig says: You should never play quick picks. Johnson rebuts : ?


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